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Overseas I became aware of the modern cloth diaper. As a mother of two small children, I was fascinated by the idea of doing something for the environment and saving money at the same time.

My daughter just loved her new cloth diapers. The cloth diapers are soft, comfortable to wear and have cute patterns.

Until today I have only had positive experiences with this diaper system. In order to increase the quality and reliability of the diaper I have made some changes.

With these improvements the diaper 'fidebum' was born.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic about our cloth diapers as we are and would be happy to welcome you as a customer.

Your fidebum team

Discover environmentally friendly and functional All In One cloth diapers at Fidebum

The cloth diaper is a good alternative to the typical disposable diapers. It can be used several times. This is not only good for the environment, but also saves your wallet. You just need a few All In One cloth diapers and you are perfectly equipped. You can buy high quality AIO cloth diapers here at Fidebum. We offer you cloth diapers for newborns, but also numerous models for older babies and toddlers. We also offer a wide range of incontinence diapers for adults. Our range is supplemented by practical accessories, such as diaper lengths and changing pads. Discover the extensive range of products in our online store now and find the ideal AIO cloth diapers simply from home.

AIO cloth diapers make everyday life easier

All In One cloth diapers are the ideal choice for all beginners as well as for all parents who do not want to buy the accessories separately. Because an AIO cloth diaper already contains the absorbent pad. It can be put on directly and washed as a whole. This makes many things easier and speeds up the process of changing and cleaning the cloth diaper. After washing, you don't have to put the diaper back together again from different parts. Instead, it can be used immediately. Convince yourself of our practical cloth diapers and order the desired model online and have it delivered to your home in comfort. This way you don't have to search for a long time for a store near you that sells All in One cloth diapers.

Order classic cloth diapers

In addition to the practical AIO cloth diapers, you can also order classic cloth diapers from us. These are not equipped with an absorbent pad. So you have to order a diaper inlay additionally. This variant also has its advantages. You can wash the diaper changing pads individually, which means that you need far fewer diapers as long as you have enough pads. The cloth diaper does not necessarily have to be washed after every use. This always depends on the degree of soiling. Often only the diaper insert is dirty.

Cloth diapers for newborns and older children

In our online store you can buy cloth diapers for different age groups. For example, we offer you a large selection of cloth diapers for newborns. They are perfectly adapted to the size of a newborn baby. In addition, there are plenty of cloth diapers for older babies and toddlers. All cloth diapers are made of skin-friendly materials and are very comfortable to wear, so that the newborn baby can really feel good.

Order cloth diapers in a package

With us you can order AIO cloth diapers or cloth diapers for newborns individually or in a practical package. We offer you different packages. With some of them you can get by with the entire nappy-changing time without having to buy a single cloth diaper. In addition, we also offer basic and trial packages that are perfectly adequate for a certain age. All All in One cloth diapers can be easily ordered and delivered online. If you have any questions about our cloth diapers for newborns or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us at any time. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. 

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