And what is with Poo?

Whether you use a disposable diaper or a cloth diaper - in any case you have to accept it. The good news is that babies prepare us gently for the worst cases. In the beginning the excrement does not smell unpleasant as it does later when the baby is eating solid food.

Besides, the children also have to use the disposable diapers, poo and pee, throw up and smear banana in their hair. Welcome to the Parents' Club.

Yes, the excrement must be removed from the diaper before the diaper is washed. If you take a closer look at a disposable diaper package, it says that even with disposable diapers, you have to remove the feces before the diaper goes into the trash. However, nobody does this and instead of going to the sewage plant, everything ends up on the garbage dump.

But apart from these aspects, there are also possibilities not to touch the excrement directly with the cloth diaper:

Usually it is enough to shake out the insert over the toilet.

The diaper can be sprayed over a toilet. For this you can use a good water gun or buy a special spraying device in the store.

You can also use a thin disposable cloth that is washed away with the diaper in the toilet.

Please note that the excrement of babies can go directly into the washing machine, because it will wash out easily.

We have attached a video link to explain the easy handling.

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