Washing and care


To ensure that the cloth diapers and interlinings reach their full absorbency, they should be washed several times before first use. A washing temperature of 30°C is sufficient. 

The diapers and interlinings usually need eight wash cycles until they reach their full absorbency.


First of all, please remove the excrement from the dirty nappy/pad in the toilet.

The dirty cloth diaper should not be soaked or bleached! Short rinsing prevents later stains and the fibers cannot be attacked by urine.


As detergent addition we recommend to use only half of the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer. Too much detergent can cause the diaper to smell unpleasant.

When using special detergents for cloth diapers, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The washing powder should be fragrance-free and should not contain any fabric softener or bleach. Otherwise it could be that the fibers are attacked.

Our cloth diapers should be washed at 60°C and the inserts can be washed up to 60°C. We recommend to wash the dirty diapers after three days at the latest, because urine and faeces will attack the fabric of the diaper if left on for a longer period of time.


The diapers should be gently dried in the dryer at low heat. Drying on the line prolongs the life of the diapers and liners.


Do not use ointment directly on the diaper, always place a disposable fleece between the diaper and the ointment. Wound ointments clog the fabric and the moisture can no longer be absorbed.

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