what do i need?


All you need is a cloth diaper and the associated deposits to start with the use of cloth diapersSo you can try and build your inventory slowly.

Any use of a cloth diaper contributes to environmental relief and also saves money.

If you want to go into the use of cloth diapers completely, we recommend you as a guide, the amounts in the nachfolgendedn list.

This table serves as a guide for the necessary diaper insertsAt diapers you need, on average, about half of the napkinin infants something more. This value may differ from child to childConvert diaper inserts and diapers with one while the other washed and dried.

We recommend our fidebum fleece liner to facilitate the management of the chair.
The fidebum diaper bags are a useful supplement to keep the dirty diaper for home and away.
For environmental reasons and because of the price benefits we recommend you fidebum washable cloths instead of disposable wipes moistureThese can be washed with the cloth diapers.

For further questions and information please contact us at info@fidebum.de.

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