Diaper info

fidebum cloth diapers to the baby's bottom from birth to potty training to fit smooth.

Our cloth diapers are an economical alternative to disposable diapers.
The fidebum diaper is similar , designed as a disposable diaper and just as easy to handle. An over- pants is not necessary.

Using a cloth diaper you reduce the amount of garbage and so take environmental protection.

Through two different button cloth diaper our systems can be adapted to the various baby sizes. The lower nine buttons adjust the diaper to the sizes S, M and L . With the triangle - button system which Tailliengröße is set . The push buttons are designed so that they do not press on the sensitive baby skin . The fidebum cloth diaper is designed for children from about 4kg to 16kg weight.

Thus the cloth diaper itself need not be as frequent washing and dry faster , our system consists of two parts - the diaper and insert. The diaper liner can be easily fixed in the diaper .

Modern cloth diapers are very different in the handling and material of the cotton diapers otherwise known .

The waterproof and breathable outer layer of the diaper is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate) and adapts to the baby's bottom to smooth. For the inner layer , we use viscose from bamboo pulp and polyester ( Velour ) . The viscose fabric is extremely absorbent and soft , almost like silk . The polyester ( Velour ) wicks moisture quickly and keeps them away from the skin.

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